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28 05, 2016

Chiropractic Care, Injuries, and Alignment

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Injuries can be a major cause of spinal misalignments, even if the back itself is not injured. How can this be? Let’s look at a couple of examples. Leg Injuries Can Cause Spinal Misalignments Matt fell and hurt his knee, leaving it bruised and swollen. X-rays showed no bone damage, but to rest the knee, [...]

21 05, 2016

Father’s Day Gifts for Dads Looking to Stay or Get Fit

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With Father’s Day approaching, it’s time to find your dad, husband or significant other that special gift to encourage him in an important area of his life. Here are a few gift ideas for fitness-inclined men, from those beginning a new wellness regime to the exercise aficionados. Cool Gym Bag Gym bags are useful for [...]

13 05, 2016

How to Tell if You’re In Alignment Vs. Out of Alignment

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Chiropractic care is not a once-in-a lifetime event. Misalignments of the spine can happen for many reasons, and returning to your chiropractor to correct misalignments can bring much-needed relief. But how do you decide if you’re in adjustment or out of adjustment? When You Know You’re Out of Alignment Sometimes you feel so poorly, it’s [...]

10 05, 2016

What Every Beach Volleyball Player Should Know About Chiropractic Care

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Beach volleyball is growing in popularity! This great exercise gets you outdoors for a team activity that’s lots of fun and great exercise. Whether you’re on a team at Capt’n Bill’s or just playing your friends at the beach, beach volleyball is a great summer sport. And chiropractic care can be your best friend in [...]