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20 04, 2017

What Should I Do On Rest Days From The Gym?

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All that hard work at the gym really pays off! But your actions on rest days matter too. Of course you’re not going to lie in bed eating bonbons, but really, what should you do on your rest days from the gym? Rest Days Are Important to Your Program During rest days, your body repairs [...]

14 04, 2017

Which Is Best? Strength Training Vs. Running

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For maximum health, strength, and physical conditioning, strength training is a preferable exercise routine. Here are a few ways that strength training and running are different, and provide different results: Lifting Weights Builds Strength, Running Builds Endurance Any exercise builds strength in the same way: We stress muscles, and they become more able to handle the stress [...]

9 04, 2017

3 Reasons To Start The Deadlift 

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Deadlifts sometimes get a bad rap, but they are a safe, effective exercise for strength training. The natural movement of deadlifts trains the entire body and is a good exercise for pretty much everyone. Let’s look more closely. 1. Deadlifts are a Safe Exercise Deadlifts are a basic, natural exercise, just like lifting any object [...]

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