Running is great exercise! It’s free, you can do it anywhere, and you get a lot of bang for your buck—you burn a lot of calories. And running has the health benefits most exercise offers, such as stress relief and weight control.

But running can be tough on your body. From shin splints to sprains, running causes its share of injuries. King Chiropractic often sees runners come through our doors. Chiropractic care can offer pain relief for many running injuries, and we have advice for reducing the number of injuries, too. That way you can reap all the benefits of continuing your running program!

1. Prevent Running Injuries with Extra Care

Take normal common-sense care to prevent injuries, such as good-quality running shoes and recognizing your body’s limits. And use chiropractic care as a tool for prevention, too.

Chiropractic care helps keep the spine in alignment. A misalignment in your spine can other parts of the body to weaken. As your body tries to compensate for the weakness, your system is thrown off and physical stress is added. Now the chances of an injury, such as tendonitis, shin splint, ankle sprain, hip pain, or knee strain, is increased.

Treatment by a knowledgeable chiropractor can keep the spine in alignment, easing stress on other body parts. And chiropractic adjustments can ease the effects of stressful impact from running on the spine. These adjustments help prevent running injuries.


2. Loose Joints Can Help Your Range of Motion

Range of motion is one of a runner’s greatest assets, increasing speed and pace. Chiropractic care on a regular basis can loosen joints and increase flexibility and range of motion—and that’s great for your pace!

Increased mobility, especially in the hips, helps a runner move more freely, improves performance, and lessens the risk of running injuries.


3. Chiropractic Care Reduces Healing Time, Too

If you do become injured, it’s discouraging. You want to get back on the run as soon as you can—but you can’t force your body to heal.


But you can help it heal faster with chiropractic care, which promotes healing and eases strains. King Chiropractic uses effective treatments such as athletic taping, myofascial release, and active release techniques to speed up the healing process after a running injury. You will still need to rest, but we’ll have you back on the road as soon as possible!

If you have a running injury or want to prevent one, call King Chiropractic today at (910) 777-7228 to learn more about the benefits of chiropractic care for your running program.