Gary has run seven ultra-races so far this year and his profile is a mosaic of exquisite mountaintop views and ravishingly rugged landscapes.


Dorothy Beal’s Instagram page is updated daily with motivational snapshots from her day to day life, which includes lots and lots of running, obviously.

Yesterday my mom @misslesleyruns finished her 9th Boston Marathon – all of which she has qualified for! Yesterday was her slowest marathon to date but she fought through to the finish. I sat at my computer screen and cried tracking her as I saw her slow down continue to get worse. I wanted to be there walking beside her telling her it was going to be OK. She was walking thinking about her family tracking her and worrying – she repeated #irunthisbody as she hobbled her way to the finish. I’m so proud of her I’m bursting ❤ this may have been the slowest in terms of numbers but I know that finish line meant more to her than any of the 8 others so she got herself there. The number on the clock does not determine your level of dedication. Love you mommy ❤ to the Boston finish line and back ?

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Amanda C Brooks shares spectacular snapshots of some of the world’s most elite triathletes and continues to inspire other runners by also posting about her training runs, one of which happened to be 20 miles long.

Nature loves runners ? #trailrunning #radgirlslife #colorado #instarunners #womensrunning #findyourstrong @saucony

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Runners are a rather philanthropic community of athletes and the Kind Runner Instagram page is inspiring even more runners to give back.


What’s more inspirational than a mom of two who’s also an Ironman triathlete, ultra-runner, marathoner, running coach, and army veteran? Michele Gonzalez’s Instagram is is decorated with running recaps and motivational graphics that without a doubt will get you revved up to run.