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24 04, 2018

Daily Adjustment 27 – What Would Happen If You Always Had Bad Posture?

By | 2018-04-24T11:05:42+00:00 April 24th, 2018|Categories: podcast|0 Comments

Everybody knows that good posture is better posture. But what would happen if you decided to slouch your way through life? What if you made a point of having bad posture as much of the time as possible? What would happen? On today's episode of The Daily Adjustment, we investigate! If you like what we’re [...]

17 04, 2018

Daily Adjustment 26 – Chantay Allan, Owner of Max Muscle Nutrition ILM

By | 2018-04-17T11:22:15+00:00 April 17th, 2018|Categories: podcast|0 Comments

On this week's episode of The Daily Adjustment, we're come to you from the Max Muscle Nutrition store on Oleander Dr. We got a chance to sit down with the owner and operator of Max Muscle Nutrition ILM, where she's also also a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist™, Chantay Allan. We talk to Chantay about how [...]

10 04, 2018

Daily Adjustment 25 – Connor McGregor Did What?

By | 2018-04-09T15:51:29+00:00 April 10th, 2018|Categories: podcast|0 Comments

Welcome to a new episode of The Daily Adjustment. This week there's no chiropractic studies to rummage through. Instead we've chuck all of the research out into the street and in its place are pop culture references! That's right, if you've ever wanted to hear our take on Connor McGregor throwing moving equipment at shuttle [...]

3 04, 2018

Daily Adjustment 24 – Ever get numbness in your fingers? Let’s talk Thoracic Outlet Syndrome!

By | 2018-04-03T14:01:55+00:00 April 3rd, 2018|Categories: podcast|0 Comments

Happy Tuesday everybody. We've got a really good podcast for you this week. This week, it's all about thoracic outlet syndrome. You may have never heard that phrase before, but it describes a very common condition where a person has numbness in one or more places from their neck through their fingers. If you've ever [...]

27 03, 2018

Daily Adjustment 23 – Workout Shoes!

By | 2018-03-27T00:35:47+00:00 March 27th, 2018|Categories: podcast|0 Comments

On this week's episode of The Daily Adjustment podcast, we talk shoes! Specifically, weightlifting shoes and why you might want to own a pair of them. We also dive into a study that shows that regular adjustments for people with back pain results in those patients needing few pain pills, including opiates. Our beer of [...]

20 03, 2018

Daily Adjustment 22 – Healthy Eating With Dr. Allan Holmes

By | 2018-03-20T21:10:22+00:00 March 20th, 2018|Categories: podcast|0 Comments

Twenty-two weeks in and it's about time we had a real professional on the podcast! Joining us on the podcast this week is Dr. Allan Holmes. He's an emergency medical physician and health coach. In our conversation today, we cover both topics including what's a good ER story and how can patients with type II [...]

13 03, 2018

Daily Adjustment 21 – Meet Our Office Admin, Bianca!

By | 2018-03-13T13:22:30+00:00 March 13th, 2018|Categories: podcast|0 Comments

This week we introduce you to our office admin, Bianca! She's the lovely person you talk to on the phone and who you see when you come to the office. If you know Bianca, you know how happy and bubbly she is. She's interested in everybody and is one of those people who remembers your [...]

6 03, 2018

Daily Adjustment 20 – Let’s Talk About Headaches

By | 2018-03-06T10:42:45+00:00 March 6th, 2018|Categories: podcast|0 Comments

Welcome to a new episode of The Daily Adjustment! This week our main topic is headaches! Beyond that our Beer of the Week is Lunatic Blonde, we talk about the week at the practice, the week in training, the week in Michael's training, and answer the all important question: can monkey bars be used to [...]

27 02, 2018

Daily Adjustment Podcast 19 – Is Cracking Your Neck Bad For You?

By | 2018-02-27T02:09:15+00:00 February 27th, 2018|Categories: podcast|0 Comments

It's late February and the weather has the trees all confused. The pollen is out. The runners are out. It feels like an early spring! We're fired up and feeling good and we hope you are too. This week on the Daily Adjustment we begin by diving into ales with Sweet Josie Brown Ale. Dr. [...]

20 02, 2018

Daily Adjustment 18 – Meet Dr. King’s Wife, Lauren King

By | 2018-02-19T22:36:41+00:00 February 20th, 2018|Categories: podcast|0 Comments

This week's podcast hits pretty close to home. Literally. We recorded the podcast on Sunday in the backyard of Dr. King's house while his two dogs - Chuck and Stella wished they could join us (so they could bark at passing cars) and their son Barrett is taking a nap. The weather started in the [...]

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