As a nontraditional type of exercise that combines meditation and stretching activities, yoga also involves assuming, attaining and holding specific positions while incorporating deep-breathing techniques to improve stamina and concentration. Considered a low-impact exercise that nearly anyone of any age can perform safely…

yoga works to establish a healthy balance between the mind and body by promoting the benefits of engaging in precisely controlled motions that are meant to relax yet invigorate the body.

Yoga and Your Lymphatic System

Performing yoga exercises may improve functioning of your lymphatic system by stimulating circulation of lymph fluid through all lymph node channels. Because lymph fluid does not get pumped (like blood) through the body, contracting and stretching skeletal muscles by employing yoga poses encourages the flow of lymph fluid. Transportation of lymph fluid to all parts of the body is vital to eliminating bacteria or viruses that cause infections.

How Yoga Can Help Chiropractic Patients

When misalignment (subluxation) of the spine produces chronic back, neck and leg pain, Dr King offers effective manipulation and adjustment techniques to relieve pain without patients needing to resort to medications or surgery. Spinal subluxation occurs when vertebrae are displaced, producing interdiscal pressure, inflammation and pain. Physiological and biomechanical abnormalities of tissues reacting to spinal subluxation are often responsible for low back pain, decreased range of motion, headaches and neck pain.

Complementing chiropractic treatments at King Chiropractic in addition to yoga can enhance joint flexibility and further improve the ability of your lymphatic system to circulate nourishing, detoxifying fluids throughout your body. When your lymphatic system is not working properly, inflammation worsens as toxins accumulate in muscles and connective tissue.

Additionally, Dr. King performs massage techniques that promote drainage of the lymph nodes to increase the flow of oxygenated blood to damaged back, shoulder and neck muscles.

Chiropractic treatments provided at King Chiropractic also encourages endorphin release to help relieve pain naturally as muscles and ligaments are manually exercised to enhance cell metabolism and generate production of new, healthy cells in inflamed tissues.

Get Started with Yoga!

By combining chiropractic therapy and yoga, patients may also expedite improvement of their immune system functioning while learning meditation techniques that can relieve stress and tension.

We’ve provided a list of Wilmington, NC yoga studios and encourage you to find the setting, teachers, and practice that’s right for you. Prefer solo practice? There are great resources for practicing yoga alone at home or outdoors.

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