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Are My Feet Causing My Back Pain?

For better health, work from the ground up—start by taking great care of your feet! At King Chiropractic, we see many people each day who are suffering from hip, knee, and back pain. Often these people have troubles because of subluxations, which are misalignments of the spine. Chiropractic care addresses these subluxations and helps get [...]

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5 Reasons Walking on the Beach Can Improve Your Health

“Long walks on the beach” isn’t just something you put in your dating profile; regularly undertaking a beach walk can also prove serious commitment to your lifelong physical health. Why? Because believe it or not, walking on the beach is significantly better for you than walking on other surfaces. If you’re lucky enough to live [...]

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How to Run Faster with Effective Foot Taping Techniques

Every year, we treat runners for various, foot, ankle, knee and hip-related conditions. Generally, these problems could have been avoided by using special taping techniques that can actually promote running speed by reducing the amount of energy you need and preventing injuries that cause training setbacks. Establish Support Where It Is Needed You need to [...]

The Effects of Flip Flops on Your Body (an Infographic)

We live at the beach. It's natural that a lot of us are walking around day-to-day in flip flops. They're comfortable, convenient, and part of the more relaxed at-the-beach vibe we're famous for. The problem is, flip flops can lead to all kinds of pain. I'm talking about foot, ankle, knee, back, and neck pain. [...]

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