Why Is Good Posture So Important?

Remember Mom telling you to sit up straight? Mom was right (once again). Good posture feels good and helps avoid muscle strain, leading to better health. Added bonus: You look better, too. Good Posture Benefits Your Body Posture affects more than just your back and neck. Research shows that poor posture can cause depression, digestive [...]

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4 Workplace Stretches to Keep You and Your Spine Happy

Have you ever come home from a day at the office with a sore back or neck? It’s common to experience pain in these areas after sitting bent over a desk for 8 or 9 hours each day. Poor posture is a major cause of back and neck pain. We spend about two-thirds of our [...]

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3 Easy Ways to Look Younger and Feel Better by Improving Your Posture

Posture. It's something we all have to do. It comes with the territory when you have a body with a skeleton and muscles. These days, there have never been more reasons to have poor posture. We're constantly looking at a screen. It rounds your shoulders and causes you to hunch over. This posture is perfectly [...]

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You Guys Won’t Even Believe How Bad Sitting Is For You

Quick, what's something we all love to do but is giving us a range of health problems including making us all die sooner? If you said, "sitting", you'd be right (and you probably also read the article headline). Sitting, as amazing as it is, is terrible for you. Really just the worst. How bad? Long [...]

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