Part 2: Four Easy Steps to Improving Knee Problems in Senior Citizens

In the last post we started talking about how to quickly see a positive improvement with knee and leg issues in senior citizens. The answer, in a word, is squats. If that sounds strange to you, please see the previous post for a full review of why squats are a super-exercise. Let’s look at four [...]

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How to See Results With Knee & Leg Problems in Senior Citizens in Less Than a Week

A lot is made about sports, athletics, strength training, and general fitness for the under-40 crowd. And by the time people hit 65, the mainstream idea of fitness involves “silver sneakers” and a fitness class with very light weights. Meanwhile, the older we get, the harder we find it to do the easy stuff, like [...]

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One Simple Move That Will Change Your Life

When it comes to fitness and diet, we all wish there was a silver bullet. Some pill or some simple trick we could implement that would make us stronger, look better, look younger, and while we're at it, make us rich too. I can't speak for the rich part, but believe it or not, there [...]

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