Lower Body Stretches Demo by Dr. Rhett King

  In this video, Dr. King takes his patient, Jenna, through an ankle mobility assessment and then a series of helpful stretches and exercises to improve ankle mobility. Techniques include: Mobility assessment of ankles, knees, hips and lower back (36) Floor stretches to target ankles and hip flexors (1:38) Floor stretches with use of [...]

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Exercises and Techniques to Reduce Stress During The Holidays

With the rush of the Christmas season upon us, it’s sometimes stressful to keep up the pace. We want to make everything perfect: See everyone we miss, decorate beautifully, and give the perfect gifts. But stress can take the fun out of our holidays, taking its toll on our physical health. A few minutes a day [...]

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5 Morning Stretches You Should Do Every Day

Stretching is often the most overlooked exercise. A simple 10 minute stretch in the morning can be critical to your health and overall mood for the day. Benefits of Stretching: increases the flow of blood and oxygen to your muscles releases tension and improves flexibility People who stretch daily: have less stress lower blood pressure [...]

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4 Workplace Stretches to Keep You and Your Spine Happy

Have you ever come home from a day at the office with a sore back or neck? It’s common to experience pain in these areas after sitting bent over a desk for 8 or 9 hours each day. Poor posture is a major cause of back and neck pain. We spend about two-thirds of our [...]

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Tips for Relieving Stress During the Holidays

It’s an hour before your holiday dinner, cranky Aunt Fran is on her way, and the potatoes still aren’t peeled. You need help! Try these tips to reduce stress and make the holidays a little more jolly. Getting ready for the holidays Shop less. Standing in line in a crowded store isn’t everyone’s idea of [...]

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A Five Minute Feel Better: A Quick And Easy Neck Stretching Routine

If you're experiencing tension and tightness in your head, neck and shoulders, there are a few quick stretching exercises you can do that will make you feel much better. That's what we'll talk about in today's Five Minute Feel Better. Most people carry tension and stress in their neck and shoulders. Tension headaches are part [...]

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