12 12, 2017

The Daily Adjustment 8: Ankle Pains and the Russian Olympic Doping Scandal

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Another week, another podcast, and we’ve got another good one for you. 🙂 This week we get an update on Dr. King’s ankle tendonitis and hear his story on how he setback his own rehab. We talk about the Netflix documentary “Icarus” about an amateur athlete trying to defeat the Olympic doping only to back [...]

12 06, 2017

Weight Machines Vs. Free Weights

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As strength training gains popularity, more and more people are asking: Which is better, weight machines or free weights? Opinions vary, so let’s look at how each lifting technique benefits your body. Then you can choose which method will get you closer to your goals. Benefits of Free Weights One goal of weightlifting is to [...]

15 04, 2016

Should You Stretch Before or After Running?

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Should you stretch before or after running? This is a common question. And with all of the myriad conflicting personal advice floating around on the web, it's no wonder. While some sources advocate for one or the other, and some even suggest that it's matter of preference, expert research shows something completely different. So, which [...]

31 03, 2016

Unexpected Benefits of the Foam Roller

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Foam rollers are a great addition to chiropractic treatment. Foam rollers are cylinders of foam designed to help with self-massage and myo-fascial release to increase circulation. Used properly, foam rollers can enhance your circulation and support preventive chiropractic treatment. Foam Rollers Improve Posture Poor posture is an epidemic of modern life and causes myriad health [...]

29 01, 2016

Get Ready for Spring 2016 Races in Wilmington, NC

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Start stretching and limber up—it’s time to start training for spring races in Wilmington, NC! Running and walking are great exercise that improve your health and strengthen your body. King Chiropractic recommends you start training for one or more of these upcoming races in Wilmington. Not only will you feel better, you’ll help out some [...]

22 10, 2015

8 Surprising Habits That Will Ruin Your Back

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Your back hurts again. Why? It doesn’t seem like you did anything to strain it. But wait—some habits that you never suspected can cause problems with your back. To get to the bottom of what’s causing your trouble, King Chiropractic advises you to check these surprising habits that may cause back pain. 1. An Old [...]

15 10, 2015

4 Prevention Methods For A Super Healthy Spine

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When it comes to a super healthy spine, we’d like to make it easy for you—as easy as 1-2-3. There really are some easy, pleasant things you can do to keep your spine super healthy. King Chiropractic wants to offer you the tools you need to maintain the best of health. As they say, an [...]

31 05, 2015

How Does Kinesiology Taping Help Athletes?

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You may have seen Kinesiology tape, or Kinesio tape, on athletes at sporting events, on television, or even at the gym. The Kinesio taping method was developed in 1979 by Dr. Kenzo Kase, a chiropractor in Japan, as a way to help increase the effectiveness of chiropractic therapy in between sessions. The method was brought [...]

16 04, 2015

Suffer From Headaches? Chiropractic Treatments Can Help!

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Principles of chiropractic have been receiving much attention lately by clinical researchers who are discovering that chiropractic techniques do provide numerous benefits to an individual's health and well-being. In addition to treating painful musculoskeletal conditions without the use of prescription medications, chiropractic treatments can also relieve chronic headaches caused by certain "triggers", such as noise, [...]

25 03, 2015

7 Fun and Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids

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Kids are natural "snackers." They’d much rather grab and go than sit down for a full meal. But snack foods tend to be heavy on sugar, fat and salt—not the healthiest choices for growing bodies. What parents need are healthy choices that are easy (and fun!) to prepare. In general, it's bet to stick with [...]

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