Chiropractic Care, Injuries, and Alignment

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Chiropractic Care, Injuries, and Alignment

Injuries can be a major cause of spinal misalignments, even if the back itself is not injured. How can this be? Let’s look at a couple of examples.

Leg Injuries Can Cause Spinal Misalignments

Matt fell and hurt his knee, leaving it bruised and swollen. X-rays showed no bone damage, but to rest the knee, Matt used crutches for a few days.

Crutches are a lot of work! Supporting his body weight at the shoulders instead of on his legs and hips was tiring, and the crutches irritated Matt’s shoulders. He also leaned heavily to one side during this time, twisting his back and hips.

Matt took a few days off to rest his knee—and now his shoulders, neck, and back. He began to feel much better. But he knew he was out of alignment from the added stresses of the sore knee and walking on crutches. He soon found his way to our offices for chiropractic adjustments—remedies for the remedy of crutches!

Arm Injuries Can Lead to Alignment Problems

Sarah is an avid tennis player who has used chiropractic care to improve her performance. She began to have a little tenderness in her elbow, but decided to push through and keep training for an upcoming match. But one day while playing tennis the pain in her elbow became much worse.

It was tendinitis, the dreaded Tennis Elbow. Sarah knew she would need rest and chiropractic care to recover. But the pain was complicated by her office workstation. Moving the mouse at her computer became very painful, even with an elbow wrap. Her shoulder started to hurt, too, then her neck.

Favoring her arm had caused complications in Sarah’s body and the injury was further inflamed by repetitive motions at work. Her neck and shoulder tightened and twisted to compensate, and soon Sarah had a full-fledged misalignment of the spine, brought on by an injury.

How Injuries Cause Misalignments

When we are injured, our muscles don’t work in the usual way. Everything in our body is connected to something else, and new demands on the muscles mean that tensions change, compress, and twist. A big problem in one spot can easily lead to small or large problems in other areas of our body—areas that are only trying to help.

Some people are very strong and can push through without help. But everyone has their limits, and most of us can benefit from a spinal adjustment when our bodies get out of adjustment due to an injury.

For your overall health, when you have a sports injury or other injury, call King Chiropractic at (910) 777-7228. We can help with pain relief and help your body get back into adjustment. When it comes to injures, chiropractic care can be your best friend.

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