Daily Adjustment 18 – Meet Dr. King’s Wife, Lauren King

//Daily Adjustment 18 – Meet Dr. King’s Wife, Lauren King

Daily Adjustment 18 – Meet Dr. King’s Wife, Lauren King

This week’s podcast hits pretty close to home. Literally. We recorded the podcast on Sunday in the backyard of Dr. King’s house while his two dogs – Chuck and Stella wished they could join us (so they could bark at passing cars) and their son Barrett is taking a nap. The weather started in the mid-60’s and dropped throughout the podcast, as you’ll hear. And best of all, we get to meet Lauren! Lauren King is Dr. King’s wife and she is as lovely as she can be. We cover the beer of the week, a scientific study with a long and complicated name that asks the question if a back adjustment relieves lower back pain, we talk to Lauren some, and we get an update on Michael’s strength training.

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Daily Adjustment 18 Podcast Highlights

  • 1:10 – Special Guest Introduction: Lauren King, Dr. King’s wife.
  • 2:35 – Beer of the Week… moving into lagers. Sam Adams Boston Lager (5.0% ABV)
  • 6:00 – Dr. King is a meme lord
  • 8:55 – Study of the Week… Spinal high-velocity low amplitude manipulation in acute nonspecific low back pain: a double-blinded randomized controlled trial in comparison with diclofenac and placebo.
  • 15:15 – How often should somebody see a chiro for lower back pain?
  • 15:45 – What kinds of manual therapy are there?
  • 19:10 – Moviepass.com
  • 22:07 – Asking Lauren: What’s it like to live with a person who wants to live heavy things for fun?
  • 23:52 – Asking Lauren: What is OrangeTheory?
  • 26:26 – Asking Lauren: Why do they call it OrangeTheory?
  • 29:18 – An update on Michael, the intern, and his strength training. He’s just over a month into the Novice Linear Progression.
  • 33:30 – Has Dr. King ever worked out with his wife? (Power to the laptop is cut ending the podcast about 3-minutes prematurely. That’s a risk when you podcast in the backyard. :/ )
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