Daily Adjustment 21 – Meet Our Office Admin, Bianca!

//Daily Adjustment 21 – Meet Our Office Admin, Bianca!

Daily Adjustment 21 – Meet Our Office Admin, Bianca!

This week we introduce you to our office admin, Bianca! She’s the lovely person you talk to on the phone and who you see when you come to the office. If you know Bianca, you know how happy and bubbly she is. She’s interested in everybody and is one of those people who remembers your name when you walk in the door. She truly is the glue that keeps this place together. 🙂 We were happy to have her on the podcast today to get her take on things from her side of the desk!

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Daily Adjustment Podcast Highlights

  • 0:48 – Trying to get loose!
  • 1:10 – Beer of the Week – Guinness! It’s our first repeat!
  • 1:40 – Introducing Bianca, our front desk admin
  • 2:38 – What’s Bianca’s favorite karaoke song? (Landslide)
  • 3:25 – Bianca does a ton of jobs
  • 4:33 – Really good with people’s names
  • 6:04 – There are a lot of kids running around at times, what’s up with that?
  • 6:35 – The struggles of decorating a door
  • 7:47 – Therapy sandwich
  • 8:30 – How does Bianca see the practice? What’s it like from that side of the desk?
  • 9:18 – Where did Bianca grow up?
  • 9:38 – There are restaurants everywhere in Jacksonville now. They have a Steak-n-Shake and a Panda Express!
  • 10:36 – Dr. King is not allowed to mess with the schedule anymore
  • 11:38 – She has blue/gray hair…
  • 12:15 – What kind of hair does Bianca recommend for Dr. King?
  • 13:18 – Does Bianca hear patients remark on Dr. King’s size?
  • 15:42 – Has Bianca ever heard him use the clicker tool on patients?
  • 17:10 – The Intersegmental traction tables at the practice
  • 21:21 – The games they play at the office
  • 23:39 – What’s something Bianca would change about the practice?
  • 24:39 – Dr. King’s pants explosion
  • 26:15 – How did Bianca get her name?
  • 27:00 – Bianca and her customer service expertise
  • 29:00 – How they schedule at King Chiro
  • 30:09 – Announcing Dr. Homes, an ER doctor as our podcast guest for next week
  • 31:00 – Dr. King loves kids
  • 33:18 – Bianca, the professional aunt
  • 34:40 – Patients with kids know they can bring in their kids with them and it’s okay
  • 35:47 – Learning the skill of tuning out a noisy kid
  • 36:36 – The patience progression
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