Daily Adjustment 26 – Chantay Allan, Owner of Max Muscle Nutrition ILM

//Daily Adjustment 26 – Chantay Allan, Owner of Max Muscle Nutrition ILM

Daily Adjustment 26 – Chantay Allan, Owner of Max Muscle Nutrition ILM

On this week’s episode of The Daily Adjustment, we’re come to you from the Max Muscle Nutrition store on Oleander Dr. We got a chance to sit down with the owner and operator of Max Muscle Nutrition ILM, where she’s also also a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist™, Chantay Allan. We talk to Chantay about how she got started in fitness and nutrition, what she does at the store, and how she helps people reach their weight loss, health and fitness goals through nutrition coaching and the use of tools like the InBody 270 body fat measurement and body weight scale.

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Daily Adjustment Podcast 26 Highlights

  • 1:56 – Introducing Chantay Allan – Owner, Operator, and Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist™
  • 2:49 – About Chantay… what got her started in fitness and nutrition
  • 5:54 – What Chantay does with helping people getting their weight under control
  • 6:50 – About the InBody 270 body fat measurement and weight scale
  • 8:20 – About the Max Muscle Nutrition product mix at the store
  • 10:10 – Who is the idea client for nutrition coaching with Chantay?
  • 14:55 – The process of getting started on the nutrition plan
  • 20:50 – What are the common roadblocks for people who are getting started with a weight loss program?
  • 24:00 – Are people convenience based when it comes to eating?
  • 28:51 – What are common food and diet misconceptions?
  • 29:56 – Most people aren’t familiar with trace minerals
  • 39:00 – Max Muscle protein
  • 43:30 – What supplements do you recommend to take?
  • 50:00 – Chantay and spiders
  • 53:40 – Room, desk, car – Which do you clean first?
  • 54:48 – On a scale of 1-10, how weird are you?
  • 57:40 – Don’t do soda, is there a food guilty pleasure?
  • 59:00 – Avoid words like ‘cheat day’

If you’d like to know more about Max Muscle Nutrition ILM you can find them online at maxmuscleilm.com. You can reach Chantay at the store via phone at (910) 792-5599 or reach out via email if you have any questions for her.

A big thanks to Chantay Allan for being on the podcast! Thanks Chantay!

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