Daily Adjustment 38 – Answering Fitness Questions from Reddit

//Daily Adjustment 38 – Answering Fitness Questions from Reddit

Daily Adjustment 38 – Answering Fitness Questions from Reddit

This week on the podcast we dig into Reddit questions!

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Daily Adjustment Podcast 38 Highlights

  • 1:10 – Dr. King’s “Gym Rant”
  • 1:45 – Sponsor of the Week: King Chiropractic
  • 2:36 – Beer of the Week: Yeti Imperial Stout (9.5% ABV) by the Great Divide Brewing Co. in Denver Colorado
  • 6:15 – Dr. King explaining what he really wanted to hear from last week’s guest: Vinny Rich
  • 6:40 – Every Mother’s Nightmare “House of Pain” … see Vinny at the 2:08 mark
  • 9:43 – More Dr. King’s Gym rants
  • 17:50 – How Age, Strength, and Sex Impact Strength Gains: Analysis of Meet Results from ~20,000 Powerlifters
  • 28:35 – A brief introduction to reddit.com
  • 29:55 – Reddit question 1: Is it true that if you’re trying to build muscle that the weaker and scrawnier you are the faster your body will see a change in regards to building muscle?
  • 32:42 – Reddit question 2: What’s the best age for kids to start lifting weights? (Tanner stages)
  • 34:30 – Reddit question 3: How to fix tightness in the hamstrings?
  • 36:17 – Reddit questing 4: As a beginner, is it wrong to do reps until I can’t do anymore?
  • 39:12 – Reddit question 5: How much should my first deadlift be?
  • 41:42 – Reddit question 6: Will doing low-intensity steady state cardio for 4-5 hours a week help me get lean?
  • 43:15 – Reddit question 7: What’s the best version of the deadlift for a beginner?
  • 47:30 – Reddit question 8: How should somebody squat if they have one leg shorter than the other?
  • 49:21 – Reddit question 9: Does compression gear help?
  • 50:14 – Reddit question 10: Can you do too much cardio?
  • 52:48 – Reddit question 11: What is better for muscle growth: faster or slower reps?
  • 54:55 – Reddit question 12: Who will get bigger: A person doing isolation exercises or a person doing compound movements?
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