The Daily Adjustment 8: Ankle Pains and the Russian Olympic Doping Scandal

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The Daily Adjustment 8: Ankle Pains and the Russian Olympic Doping Scandal

Another week, another podcast, and we’ve got another good one for you. 🙂 This week we get an update on Dr. King’s ankle tendonitis and hear his story on how he setback his own rehab. We talk about the Netflix documentary “Icarus” about an amateur athlete trying to defeat the Olympic doping only to back into the actual Russian doping scandal.

In other news… The audio in today’s podcast has some extra reverb in it today. That’s a technical glitch. Or really, more my (Ben’s) fault. I had a setting wrong and so we caught the audio from the computer mic rather than recording from the soundboard. Oops. My bad. It doesn’t make the podcast unlistenable by any means, but you will notice a difference in sound quality for today’s podcast.

The Daily Adjustment 8 Podcast Highlights

* 0:42 – An update on Dr. King’s ankle tendonitis
* 4:40 – Heat vs. Ice for an injury
* 5:54 – Cussing helps with pain modulation
* 6:51 – An update on Dr. King’s training and how he’s going to handle taking time off
* 7:57 – The difference between how Dr. King trains and how he recommends his patients train.
* 11:17 – Why is it that the idea of getting strong feels like a foreign concept as a goal?
* 15:16 – Icarus, a Netflix documentary that ends up backing into the Russian Olympic doping scandal that recently got Russia blocked from the next Olympic games.
* 22:15 – The definition of a genetic freak: the ability to recruit muscle fibers to display a much higher percentage of explosive power than the average person. The main way to discern this genetic potential is the standing high jump.
* 25:48 – Announcing a new segment: The craft beer segment
* 27:00 – What did Dr. King think about “The Punisher”?
* 29:00 – Talking about Battle House, a local laser tag place.
* 30:38 – Decorating the tree with the King family
* 32:08 – The Mountain has Bells Palsy

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