The Daily Adjustment Podcast 4: Optimal Health & Fitness

//The Daily Adjustment Podcast 4: Optimal Health & Fitness

The Daily Adjustment Podcast 4: Optimal Health & Fitness

Welcome back for another weekly installment of The Daily Adjustment. In this week’s podcast we look at what constitutes optimal health and fitness, we meet Dr. King’s dog, talk about the strength –> recovery –> adaptation cycle and more!

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The Daily Adjustment Episode 4 Highlights

0:19 – Let’s talk about our week!
0:55 – Dr. King went to a chiropractic seminar about neurological chiropractic techniques
1:41 – Why do Chiropractors deal with brain stuff?
2:56 – Diplomate?
4:11 – A definition for optimal health
6:14 – Meet Dr. King’s dog
7:21 – Best way to get somebody healthier is to get them physically stronger
7:42 – A list of the 5 things you can do in the gym
10:00 – The 10 aspects of fitness
14:55 – How many different kinds of strength are there?
17:53 – What is the stress –> recovery –> adaptation cycle?
22:05 – Strength training is recommended for chronic pain
23:20 – The novice linear progression strength program
30:45 – The difference between exercise and training

Thanks for listening. See you next Tuesday!

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