Perfect Posture Training In Just Minutes a Day

//Perfect Posture Training In Just Minutes a Day

Perfect Posture Training In Just Minutes a Day

Our Wilmington, NC Chiropractor demonstrates how you can improve your posture in just minutes a day.

The more you practice this stretch, the more you will find that your posture improves and counteracts bad posture from prolonged sitting or standing and looking down (a common issue for taller individuals).

Stretch for better posture:

Get a neutral spine
Feet shoulder width a part
Squeeze heels together without flaring feet out for gluteal contraction to set hips and pelvis
Drop shoulders down
Lift chest up
Pull your chin back and up
Push palms back toward the back
Push palms toward the floor
Rotate arms back while taking a deep breath from your belly
Hold for 5 seconds (should be shaky)
Breathe out
Rotate inwards
Spot Check
Rotate Outwards
Repeat for 1-3 minutes

Neck going forward
Shoulders going forward

If you suffer from poor posture, back pain, mobility issues, or just looking to improve overall health and performance come in for a consultation with Dr. Rhett King. Feel free to explore our library of videos to stay healthy, mobile, and feeling your best.

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