Whether you are an athlete desiring improved performance metrics by reducing recovery times or enhancing mobility or simply suffering from muscle and joint pain due to strain, overuse, sciatica, a herniated disc or osteoarthritis, Dr. King offers several different chiropractic treatments designed to address and alleviate issues compromising your musculoskeletal system as well as your general health condition.

How to begin chiropractic treatment at King Chiropractic

Whether or not you have decided to receive chiropractic treatment, you’ll first want to call or email to schedule a consultation to assess your health issues, pain, or your performance goals with Dr. King.  At this initial appointment, your condition will be evaluated and a course or treatment prescribed.

Although preparing for your chiropractic consultation with Dr. King does not require you do anything special (we just ask that you fill out a patient intake form before arriving at your initial visit), it won’t follow the typical routine you experience at your family doctor, simply because Dr. King treats patient health problems holistically instead of clinically.

What to expect

  • include gathering your medical history information
  • performing an exam
  • a recommendation for X-rays only if necessary
  • working diagnosis of your condition (on the second visit)
  • performing adjustments and therapies specifically meant to address your particular musculoskeletal pain and inflammation (as needed)

Although you may receive one of the following chiropractic treatments at your first visit —

  • an adjustment
  • spinal decompression therapy
  • cold laser therapy
  • myofascial release therapy
  • active release technique

–you won’t need to do anything except bring questions you have for Dr. King, your patient intake form and be ready to start feeling great under Dr. King’s expert care.

Call (910) 777-7228 or email drrhettking@kingchiro.net to schedule your initial consultation today.