Tips for Staying Healthy During Summer Travel

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Tips for Staying Healthy During Summer Travel

Summer kicks off the go-go-go season. Whether you’re on a plane, train or automobile for business or pleasure, more people jet set and road trip this time of year than any other. While we’re all for fun in the sun, we caution you against dashing this way and that without protecting your spine and overall health. Here are a few tips to keep you shipshape this summer.

1. Plan Smart

Minimizing the number of flights you’re on, the amount of time you spend sitting in airports and the length of train or car rides is always smart, since sitting puts a lot of pressure on your back. If you plan to fly into a city with more than one airport, try to land at the one closest to your destination. Minimizing the amount of time you spend lugging… well, luggage… is always to your benefit.

2. Sit Smart

If you’re going to be traveling for a long time, bring a pillow to support your lower back, and another to prop up your neck. Doing so keeps stress off the lower back. Take frequent stretch breaks either by pulling over or walking to the back of the plane (if there is room and the seatbelt sign is not on).

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3. Pack Smart

What you bring with you matters. Not only should you be fully prepared to face board rooms or beaches, you should prepare to treat your body right. Pack as lightly as possible, and avoid heavy items you don’t really need. Ditch hardcovers for Kindle, buy wine when you get there, and minimize other stressors. Plus, bring enough snacks and water that you won’t compromise your system and get sick or more likely to become injured.

4. Exercise Smart

We love that you want to stay in shape, but beware of different conditions when you’re on vacation. Climates that are noticeably cooler, warmer, wetter or dryer than you’re used to can bring an increased risk of injury, so go slow and careful.

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Still think you might need a little help keeping your system safe and sound this summer? Come see us here at King Chiropractic. We can help you align your spine, mitigate back pain or other discomforts, help you achieve full range of motion and generally get you fighting fit in roughly 3-5 visits. Instead of continuing your care forever, we’ll get you fixed up and send you on your way to enjoy the rest of these sunny days. Bon voyage!

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