Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Causes

There are many causes of Carpal Tunnel and most of them are mechanical. The most common reason Carpal Tunnel develops is from prolonged compression of the nerves through the carpal tunnel such as with long hours of keyboard use or other repetitive stress involving the wrist.

Early treatment may include NSAIDs, exercises and stretches, however, pain or reductions in performance for more than a few days can be due to abnormal mechanics which causes associated muscles and tissues to become overworked and damaged. This leads to repetitive injury, making successful resolution without invasive procedures more difficult, unless treated effectively.

Chiropractic Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

An exam can help the physician to determine if you are a candidate for natural chiropractic treatment or whether you would be better served by visiting an orthopedist or other type provider.

In the majority of cases, this issue can be fixed by addressing the alignment of carpal bones that make up the wrist as well as addressing the soft tissue component using active release or fascial abrasion soft tissue therapy. Care must be taken to educate the individual in work space and ergonomic assessment to help build new habits.

Avoid Surgery: See your Chiropractor

Typically, even severe cases of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be cleared up within just a few weeks and surgery can be avoided.

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