What Causes Foot/Ankle Issues

Foot and ankle issues are extremely common and have many different explanations. Most people develop issues as a result of walking on hard/flat surfaces all day. Your foot is a very complicated machine that is made to conform to all kinds of surfaces. However, since most of us only walk on concrete or hard floors our feet only adapt to one shape – flat. Therefore, the rest of the body tries to adapt as well which leads to foot, knee, hip, lower back pain etc.. The repeated shock to your feet and ankles eventually causes your symptoms.

How We Treat Foot/Ankle Issues

Once we have determined the cause of your problem, there are a variety of different treatments. Some of the more common treatments include: foot/ankle taping, exercises, shoe suggestions, training/coaching recommendations, custom orthotics, soft tissues therapies and manual manipulation to correct the mechanics of your foot. Typically, most cases respond very well.

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