Definition and Causes of Shin Splints

“Shin Splints” generally refers to pain anywhere along the shin bone (tibia) between the knee and ankle. The primary cause of shin splints is the overuse of the involved muscle and tendon (Tibialis anterior and posterior). This can happen with an increase in exercise levels, repetitive movements as in running or other stresses to the lower leg including rapidly changing running surfaces.

Another major contributor to shin splints is over pronation or arch flattening. The Tibialis anterior and posterior are the primary muscles that support the arch, so flattening of the arch can cause these muscles to become overworked and lead to them breaking down to the point of becoming painful and inflamed.

Treating Shin Splints with Chiropractic Care

Early treatment may include NSAIDs, exercises and stretches, however, pain or reductions in performance for more than a few days can be due to abnormal mechanics which causes associated muscles and tissues to become overworked and damaged. This leads to repetitive injury, making successful resolution without invasive procedures more difficult unless treated effectively.

Non-surgical treatment may include lower extremity joint manipulation, active release soft tissue therapy or custom orthotics to correct poor foot posture and restore proper foot and lower extremity function.

All of these treatment options are a part of the services provided by Wilmington, NC chiropractor Dr. Rhett King. If you have any specific questions for Dr. King, please call our chiropractic office at (910) 777-7228 or send us a message.

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