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How Bad Sitting Posture at Work Leads to Bad Standing Posture All the Time

You'd be surprised how much your posture affects your mood. There's an old saying, "You think like you speak." That makes a lot of sense. We have a way of saying what's on our mind. We also know that there's spoken language and verbal language. If you walk around, or sit all day with terrible [...]

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How to Keep Sitting From Killing You

A growing body of research is showing us that sitting is one of the worst things we can do for our bodies. The problem is that it requires very little effort and we like to do it for incredibly long stretches of time. The average American works in front of a computer, checks his mobile [...]

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You Guys Won’t Even Believe How Bad Sitting Is For You

Quick, what's something we all love to do but is giving us a range of health problems including making us all die sooner? If you said, "sitting", you'd be right (and you probably also read the article headline). Sitting, as amazing as it is, is terrible for you. Really just the worst. How bad? Long [...]

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Running Coaches: Why You Need Them & Who To Use

Why You Need a Running Coach Getting a running coach sounds a lot like getting a life coach. It's just sort of something you do. Why would you ever need coaching on how to do it? It's too close to who we are almost. You run, I run, we all run, at least when we [...]

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