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Best Wilmington NC Chiropractor Reviews

A top 3 Finalist for "Best Chiropractor in Wilmington" in 2014, Dr. Rhett King of King Chiropractic, focuses on solutions for specific problems. We focus on four main areas of care: Providing fast, lasting pain relief; restoring your range of motion; reducing soft tissue inflammation; and improving your performance. If you’re looking for the best chiropractor in [...]

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What is a subluxation?

This is a question on the minds of many our chiropractic clients even though subluxations are the main reason that patients seek care from a chiropractor. But what exactly is a subluxation? A subluxation happens when one or more of the bones in your spine (spinal vertebrae) move out of position. This misalignment creates pressure [...]

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Stop Technology from Tormenting Your Back with these 6 Tips

If you are tormented by back pain, it's wise to take a look to see if technology is to blame. We sit on our behinds more now than we ever have in history. The Digital Age of the 1990s and 2000s has made it possible for us to perform manual tasks in much less time [...]

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Setting Realistic Health and Wellness Goals for 2015

Seriously, Are Your Health and Wellness Goals Realistic? New Year's resolutions that set way-too-lofty goals are doomed to fail. If you plan to lose 50 pounds in the first two months of 2015--well, that is a pretty unrealistic goal. If you plan to start exercising three hours a day--that is also unrealistic. Remember the old Aesop [...]

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