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Do These Simple Things Today To Be Happier Today and Tomorrow

It’s easy to be happy when the stars align and everything’s going your way. But we often become unsatisfied and disgruntled over troubles large and small. You can choose to become a happier person, and YOU are the one who benefits. Once you make the decision to become happier, small changes in your life make [...]

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Why We Love These Wilmington NC Yoga Studios

Yoga is a beautiful practice for overall health and increased well-being. At King Chiropractic in Wilmington, NC we also appreciate yoga for its ability to: improve balance heal and prevent injuries strengthen muscles, ligaments, and tendons Yoga combines physical postures with breathing techniques and meditation. Yoga practice can help center and help you cultivate a healthier lifestyle with [...]

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Suffer From Headaches? Chiropractic Treatments Can Help!

Principles of chiropractic have been receiving much attention lately by clinical researchers who are discovering that chiropractic techniques do provide numerous benefits to an individual's health and well-being. In addition to treating painful musculoskeletal conditions without the use of prescription medications, chiropractic treatments can also relieve chronic headaches caused by certain "triggers", such as noise, [...]

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These Random Acts of Kindness Are Good for Your Health

Whether you’re the giver or receiver, random acts of kindness are good for your health. Whether you put a quarter in a stranger’s parking meter or a stranger puts in a quarter for you, the benefit for both is your improved health, including stress reduction and greater happiness. Random moments of kindness help connect us to [...]

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