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8 Things Everyone Who Wears High Heels Needs to Know

Most men and women would agree: high heels look good. They make legs longer, more defined, and hips sway more. We get it, ladies; we understand the appeal. But before you adopt an everyday heels habit, here are eight facts you ought to know and a few ways to counteract the damage being done. 1. [...]

5 Reasons Walking on the Beach Can Improve Your Health

“Long walks on the beach” isn’t just something you put in your dating profile; regularly undertaking a beach walk can also prove serious commitment to your lifelong physical health. Why? Because believe it or not, walking on the beach is significantly better for you than walking on other surfaces. If you’re lucky enough to live [...]

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5 MORE Myths About Back Pain Wilmington NC

Did you mother every teach you not to believe everything you hear? Well, she was right! See Related: 6 Myths About Back Pain Revealed Here we explain several MORE misconceptions about back pain. Myth 7: I am told the pain is "all in my head". Reality: Just because a physical cause for your pain cannot be identified, this does [...]

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