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Tips to Restart An Exercise Routine After a Long Break

There are many factors that can contribute to having to take a break from exercise. These factors may include illness, a family commitment, having to work extra hours, or just falling out of the habit. If you have found yourself off track from your workout routine due to one of these issues, there are a [...]

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Top Wilmington NC Chiropractor Blogs of 2016

Here at King Chiropractic, we're passionate about providing our local community as well as our patients about proactive ways to stay healthy, happy, and pain free life. Each month, we publish a series of blogs designed to help educate our fans and followers about techniques that will help you in your journey for toward heath and [...]

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Is Text Neck a Real Thing?

We love our smartphones! And even more than that, we depend on them—for most people, they’re in constant use each day. But looking at phones, tablets, e-readers, etc. takes a toll on our posture. What effect does this have on our health? Take a look around you anywhere—at a doctor’s office, a restaurant, a bus [...]

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Are My Feet Causing My Back Pain?

For better health, work from the ground up—start by taking great care of your feet! At King Chiropractic, we see many people each day who are suffering from hip, knee, and back pain. Often these people have troubles because of subluxations, which are misalignments of the spine. Chiropractic care addresses these subluxations and helps get [...]

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