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Unexpected Benefits of the Foam Roller

Foam rollers are a great addition to chiropractic treatment. Foam rollers are cylinders of foam designed to help with self-massage and myo-fascial release to increase circulation. Used properly, foam rollers can enhance your circulation and support preventive chiropractic treatment. Foam Rollers Improve Posture Poor posture is an epidemic of modern life and causes myriad health [...]

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3 Tips for Runners From a Sports Chiropractor 

Running is great exercise! It’s free, you can do it anywhere, and you get a lot of bang for your buck—you burn a lot of calories. And running has the health benefits most exercise offers, such as stress relief and weight control. But running can be tough on your body. From shin splints to sprains, [...]

The Many Benefits of Intersegmental Traction Tables for Chiropractic Patients

There are many ways that a sports chiropractor can help athletes and those who are regularly active restore and improve range of motion, recover from injuries, and promote healthy movement. An intersegmental traction table, or roller table, is a tool that chiropractors use to gently re-establish the normal range of motion for the body’s spine. [...]

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5 Ways to Recover After a Race in Wilmington NC

There's nothing as satisfying as the feeling of crossing the finish line at the end of a big race. However, you might want to start thinking of the finish line of one race as the starting line for the next one if you want to bounce back as quickly as possible after a particularly grueling half [...]

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