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Chiropractic Care, Injuries, and Alignment

Injuries can be a major cause of spinal misalignments, even if the back itself is not injured. How can this be? Let’s look at a couple of examples. Leg Injuries Can Cause Spinal Misalignments Matt fell and hurt his knee, leaving it bruised and swollen. X-rays showed no bone damage, but to rest the knee, [...]

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Father’s Day Gifts for Dads Looking to Stay or Get Fit

With Father’s Day approaching, it’s time to find your dad, husband or significant other that special gift to encourage him in an important area of his life. Here are a few gift ideas for fitness-inclined men, from those beginning a new wellness regime to the exercise aficionados. Cool Gym Bag Gym bags are useful for [...]

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How to Tell if You’re In Alignment Vs. Out of Alignment

Chiropractic care is not a once-in-a lifetime event. Misalignments of the spine can happen for many reasons, and returning to your chiropractor to correct misalignments can bring much-needed relief. But how do you decide if you’re in adjustment or out of adjustment? When You Know You’re Out of Alignment Sometimes you feel so poorly, it’s [...]

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What Every Beach Volleyball Player Should Know About Chiropractic Care

Beach volleyball is growing in popularity! This great exercise gets you outdoors for a team activity that’s lots of fun and great exercise. Whether you’re on a team at Capt’n Bill’s or just playing your friends at the beach, beach volleyball is a great summer sport. And chiropractic care can be your best friend in [...]

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