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Stretches to Prevent Text Neck and Rounded Shoulders

Do you sit 6 or more hours a day? These 2 stretches using a blank wall will help improve posture. Dr. King walks his patient, Jenna, who works on a computer at least 8 hours a day, through a series of stretches and exercises to help with spine alignment and posture by re-training the back. [...]

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Why Is Good Posture So Important?

Remember Mom telling you to sit up straight? Mom was right (once again). Good posture feels good and helps avoid muscle strain, leading to better health. Added bonus: You look better, too. Good Posture Benefits Your Body Posture affects more than just your back and neck. Research shows that poor posture can cause depression, digestive [...]

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Wilmington NC Chiropractor – How Dr. King is Different

King Chiropractic is a popular Wilmington, NC chiropractor for athletes and people that want the most out of life. Dr. King works hard to provide an environment of health, healing, fast pain relief, improved performance, and increased range of motion, so you can feel your best. Wilmington NC Chiropractor for Performance-Based Chiropractic Care If you lead an athletic lifestyle, Dr. [...]

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Try These 3 Things Next Time You Get A Headache

Some people get headaches only on occasion, while others have them frequently. Whether you are a frequent headache sufferer of it only happens once in a while, you’ll be glad to know that headaches often respond well to conservative self-care. Sure, headaches can easily be remedied with a handful of pills. But aspirin, ibuprofen, and [...]

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