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Perfect Posture Training In Just Minutes a Day

Our Wilmington, NC Chiropractor demonstrates how you can improve your posture in just minutes a day. The more you practice this stretch, the more you will find that your posture improves and counteracts bad posture from prolonged sitting or standing and looking down (a common issue for taller individuals). Stretch for better posture: Get a [...]

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Tips for Buying an Ergonomic Office Chair

If you sit down to work, you may spend as much time in your office chair as you do in bed. And sitting up working is hard on your spine! An uncomfortable, unsupportive office chair creates strain in your neck, arms, back, hip, and legs. Ergonomically supportive chairs are crucial for those who work at [...]

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Tips for Staying Healthy During Summer Travel

Summer kicks off the go-go-go season. Whether you’re on a plane, train or automobile for business or pleasure, more people jet set and road trip this time of year than any other. While we’re all for fun in the sun, we caution you against dashing this way and that without protecting your spine and overall [...]

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