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Part 2: Four Easy Steps to Improving Knee Problems in Senior Citizens

In the last post we started talking about how to quickly see a positive improvement with knee and leg issues in senior citizens. The answer, in a word, is squats. If that sounds strange to you, please see the previous post for a full review of why squats are a super-exercise. Let’s look at four [...]

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How to See Results With Knee & Leg Problems in Senior Citizens in Less Than a Week

A lot is made about sports, athletics, strength training, and general fitness for the under-40 crowd. And by the time people hit 65, the mainstream idea of fitness involves “silver sneakers” and a fitness class with very light weights. Meanwhile, the older we get, the harder we find it to do the easy stuff, like [...]

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Speed Your Workout Recovery with These Tips 

You’re working hard in the gym, but are you building muscle and burning fat the way you want? If you’re not getting the results you want from your workout, the answer could be not in your program, but in your recovery. What Your Muscles Need After a Workout Your workout is tough, and when you’re [...]

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The Importance Of Your Elbows In Achieving Perfect Squat Form

​When lifting, form is crucial. Good form means fewer injuries and better focus on each muscle group. Bad form can mean muscle strain and injury. Most people find guidance from personal trainers and from online research when they begin strength training, so their form on basic moves will need a lot of fine tuning. But it’s ideal to [...]

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