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Workout Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Gains

Get the most from your workout by training smarter! Learn from those who went before you, and avoid these all-too-common workout mistakes. Neglecting Form Make sure you’re using proper form for every exercise you do. Ask a trainer or check YouTube for advice and be strict when you’re learning a new lift. Not only will [...]

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6 Signs You’re Overtraining

When it comes to working out and especially lifting, it’s possible to get too much of a good thing. The phenomenon of overtraining is cumulative. It’s not only what we do in the gym, but outside of the gym, too. You feel great after your morning workout, so why not do another one at the end [...]

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Best Father’s Day Gifts for Lifters 

When your dad is a lifter, choosing a Father’s Day gift is a piece of cake (although you may not want to give him a piece of cake and crush his gains!). You know he wants to get stronger, recover faster, and maybe even look lean and chiseled. All you have to do is find [...]

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