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7 Ways to Be Kind to Your Spine

Our spine does a lot for you: It moves you about all day long, bending and reaching, slumping and jumping, and supporting all your internal organs. Take a little time to be kind to your spine. Here’s how: 1. Make Exercise a PRIORITY To be kind to your spine, exercise is your first, best option. [...]

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8 Exercises to Ease Low Back Pain

Low back pain is very common, but treatment is not always easy. The treatment for your own back pain depends on the root cause. Since humans began standing on two feet, we have had back problems. Common causes include: Bending and lifting incorrectly Too much exercise Poor posture Untreated muscle strain Sitting too much Your [...]

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How Often Should I Lift Weights?

Weight training is excellent exercise for your health. Lifting weights can helps you avoid and improve diseases such as arthritis, heart disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes. Strength training lowers your blood pressure and improves cholesterol levels. And let’s face it, no other exercise will get you looking as good. But you can have too much of [...]

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Don’t Let Your Purse Be A Pain In The Neck

Purses are so handy! We use them to carry everything from a driver’s license to Tuesday’s lunch. Some of us use them to carry everything but the kitchen sink! This can be a problem—it can be literally a pain in the neck. Purses put constant pressure on the muscles and nerves of the shoulders. That [...]

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7 Natural Pain Relievers for Back Pain

Some types of back pain take time to resolve, even with the best treatments. But taking pain medicine brings in a whole new set of problems: side effects, dependence, and more. King Chiropractic has effective treatments that address the root cause of your back pain. If you have pain that will remain for a while, [...]

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Tips for Staying Healthy During Summer Travel

Summer kicks off the go-go-go season. Whether you’re on a plane, train or automobile for business or pleasure, more people jet set and road trip this time of year than any other. While we’re all for fun in the sun, we caution you against dashing this way and that without protecting your spine and overall [...]

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Unexpected Benefits of the Foam Roller

Foam rollers are a great addition to chiropractic treatment. Foam rollers are cylinders of foam designed to help with self-massage and myo-fascial release to increase circulation. Used properly, foam rollers can enhance your circulation and support preventive chiropractic treatment. Foam Rollers Improve Posture Poor posture is an epidemic of modern life and causes myriad health [...]

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Are My Feet Causing My Back Pain?

For better health, work from the ground up—start by taking great care of your feet! At King Chiropractic, we see many people each day who are suffering from hip, knee, and back pain. Often these people have troubles because of subluxations, which are misalignments of the spine. Chiropractic care addresses these subluxations and helps get [...]

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What Type of Pillow Do I Need Based on How I Sleep?

Is your pillow doing what it should while you sleep? We spend a lot of time sleeping, and your pillow can make a big difference in the quality of your sleep. Get settled in here and find out about how chiropractors view pillows and sleeping positions. Your usual sleep position will affect which pillow will be [...]

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8 Surprising Habits That Will Ruin Your Back

Your back hurts again. Why? It doesn’t seem like you did anything to strain it. But wait—some habits that you never suspected can cause problems with your back. To get to the bottom of what’s causing your trouble, King Chiropractic advises you to check these surprising habits that may cause back pain. 1. An Old [...]

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