Does Being Sore Mean You’re Getting Stronger?

Weight training (correctly) will make you sore. If you’ve wondered why weights make you sore but riding a bike doesn’t, you’ve come to the right place. The crucial question is: Is this soreness beneficial? Does being sore mean you’re getting stronger? Let’s see.   What causes muscle soreness? After you exercise, some soreness is normal. [...]

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Workout Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Gains

Get the most from your workout by training smarter! Learn from those who went before you, and avoid these all-too-common workout mistakes. Neglecting Form Make sure you’re using proper form for every exercise you do. Ask a trainer or check YouTube for advice and be strict when you’re learning a new lift. Not only will [...]

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Health And Fitness Apps That Help You Achieve Your Goals

Take care of your body with the best in health and fitness apps! Good health and fitness feels good and prevents much injury and discomfort. We’ve collected a few of our favorite apps to help you along in your fitness program. If you find yourself flagging in any area, get some help with one of [...]

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See Dr. Rhett King at the Healthy Living Fall Festival

October 1st 2016 11am-4:00pm - Food from 12 - 2:30 at Battleship Park (1 Battleship Rd Wilmington NC 28401) This is a free to public event. Come out and meet small and local community businesses like King Chiropractic while supporting a great cause. Stop by our booth to enter our raffle to win a free consultation. [...]

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Tips for Buying an Ergonomic Office Chair

If you sit down to work, you may spend as much time in your office chair as you do in bed. And sitting up working is hard on your spine! An uncomfortable, unsupportive office chair creates strain in your neck, arms, back, hip, and legs. Ergonomically supportive chairs are crucial for those who work at [...]

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What Every Beach Volleyball Player Should Know About Chiropractic Care

Beach volleyball is growing in popularity! This great exercise gets you outdoors for a team activity that’s lots of fun and great exercise. Whether you’re on a team at Capt’n Bill’s or just playing your friends at the beach, beach volleyball is a great summer sport. And chiropractic care can be your best friend in [...]

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8 Surprising Habits That Will Ruin Your Back

Your back hurts again. Why? It doesn’t seem like you did anything to strain it. But wait—some habits that you never suspected can cause problems with your back. To get to the bottom of what’s causing your trouble, King Chiropractic advises you to check these surprising habits that may cause back pain. 1. An Old [...]

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7 Fun and Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids

Kids are natural "snackers." They’d much rather grab and go than sit down for a full meal. But snack foods tend to be heavy on sugar, fat and salt—not the healthiest choices for growing bodies. What parents need are healthy choices that are easy (and fun!) to prepare. In general, it's bet to stick with [...]

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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Chiropractic Care

Unlike other types of doctors on television shows and in the news, you don’t often see chiropractors in the spotlight. There are many misconceptions about what chiropractic is and how chiropractors help patients get and stay well. Though our work often remains behind the scenes, there are many patients that can benefit from seeing a [...]

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Active Release Technique in Wilmington NC

Instead of taking ibuprofen or muscle relaxers for temporary relief of shoulder and back pain, stiff knees, shin splints, plantar fasciitis and other musculoskeletal inflammation caused by muscle overuse, Dr. King recommends you opt for a more effective, drug-free treatment method called Active Release Technique. What is Active Release Technique? A patented, soft tissue treatment developed [...]

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