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What is Fibromyalgia? Treatment with Chiropractic Care

Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is a painful neurosensory disorder that involves widespread musculoskeletal pain across the body. FMS affects the following: Joints, causing stiffness and pain Muscles – pain may be dull, aching, radiating, burning, and ranges from mild to severe. Tendons and other soft tissues For many FMS patients, they experience other unpleasant symptoms like [...]

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Which Is Best? Strength Training Vs. Running

For maximum health, strength, and physical conditioning, strength training is a preferable exercise routine. Here are a few ways that strength training and running are different, and provide different results: Lifting Weights Builds Strength, Running Builds Endurance Any exercise builds strength in the same way: We stress muscles, and they become more able to handle the stress [...]

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The Importance Of Your Elbows In Achieving Perfect Squat Form

​When lifting, form is crucial. Good form means fewer injuries and better focus on each muscle group. Bad form can mean muscle strain and injury. Most people find guidance from personal trainers and from online research when they begin strength training, so their form on basic moves will need a lot of fine tuning. But it’s ideal to [...]

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Wilmington NC Chiropractor – How Dr. King is Different

King Chiropractic is a popular Wilmington, NC chiropractor for athletes and people that want the most out of life. Dr. King works hard to provide an environment of health, healing, fast pain relief, improved performance, and increased range of motion, so you can feel your best. Wilmington NC Chiropractor for Performance-Based Chiropractic Care If you lead an athletic lifestyle, Dr. [...]

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Father’s Day Gifts for Dads Looking to Stay or Get Fit

With Father’s Day approaching, it’s time to find your dad, husband or significant other that special gift to encourage him in an important area of his life. Here are a few gift ideas for fitness-inclined men, from those beginning a new wellness regime to the exercise aficionados. Cool Gym Bag Gym bags are useful for [...]

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Get Ready for Spring 2016 Races in Wilmington, NC

Start stretching and limber up—it’s time to start training for spring races in Wilmington, NC! Running and walking are great exercise that improve your health and strengthen your body. King Chiropractic recommends you start training for one or more of these upcoming races in Wilmington. Not only will you feel better, you’ll help out some [...]

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How to Prepare for a Chiropractic Appointment at King Chiropractic

Whether you are an athlete desiring improved performance metrics by reducing recovery times or enhancing mobility or simply suffering from muscle and joint pain due to strain, overuse, sciatica, a herniated disc or osteoarthritis, Dr. King offers several different chiropractic treatments designed to address and alleviate issues compromising your musculoskeletal system as well as your general health condition. How to begin chiropractic [...]

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I Just Had My First Visit at King Chiropractic and Here Is How It Went

Hey everybody. I just had my first visit to see Dr. King at King Chiropractic and want to tell you how it went. It wasn't just my first visit to King Chiropractic, it was also my first visit to see a chiropractor at all. I've known since I was a kid that I have a [...]