There are many ways that a sports chiropractor can help athletes and those who are regularly active restore and improve range of motion, recover from injuries, and promote healthy movement. An intersegmental traction table, or roller table, is a tool that chiropractors use to gently re-establish the normal range of motion for the body’s spine. These tables offer patients many chiropractic benefits.

How Does the Roller Table Work?

Misaligned joints in the spine can hinder your movement, interrupting fluid circulation around the joints. This fluid circulation is vital for your spinal discs to receive the nutrients they need. The disruption of fluid circulation can eventually lead to thinning discs, which can impact your long-term range of motion.

The roller table helps by creating motion which can stretch the spinal joints and improve movement. It does this by mobilizing the spinal column while simultaneously stretching the muscles and ligaments. The patient lies face up on the table while the rollers beneath the surface gently move up and down the spine.


Benefits of Using an Intersegmental Traction Table

Athletes are not the only ones who can benefit from using a roller table regularly. Those who are regularly active or suffer from a back injury can also use this tool to strengthen and restore range of motion in the spine. Some of the benefits include:

  • Regular use of the intersegmental traction table has shown to significantly accelerate the recovery progress from a back injury.
  • The roller table gently and effectively reestablishes the normal range of motion in the spine.
  • It helps reduce muscle spasms that can be caused by weakened postural muscles or spinal injuries.
  • The table helps increase blood flow and oxygen to your spinal discs, ligaments, and muscles, which can improve balance and strength.
  • The table can be adjusted to accommodate a patient’s comfort and can be used with all body types, including children.

The good news is that you can now experience the many benefits of the intersegmental traction table by visiting your trusted Wilmington NC sports chiropractor, Dr. Rhett King.

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King Chiropractic now has two intersegmental traction tables available for patients after adjustments. Dr. Rhett King, a seasoned Wilmington NC sports chiropractor, wants his patients to benefit from the many advantages that these roller tables have to offer.

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