The Daily Adjustment 52 – An Interview with the Inventor of the Neck Hammock, Dr. Steve Sudell

On this episode of The Daily Adjustment Dr. King interviews the inventor of the neck hammock - a device that helps relieve headaches - Dr. Steve Sudell. We enjoy a Flesh and Blood IPA from Dogfish Head as the beer of the week and also talk about possible baby names for Dr. King's daughter who [...]

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The Daily Adjustment 51 – Dr. King Discusses When Surgery is a Placebo

This week the podcast is all about placebos. Is placebo present in a chiropractic adjustment? Yoga? Surgery? How about a method of training your eyes to reset your balance called the Feldenkrais Method? You might be surprised! The Daily Adjustment Podcast Episode 51 Highlights 0:00 - Sponsor message from King Chiropractic 2:39 - What Dr. [...]

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The Daily Adjustment 50 – Talking With Freediving World Record Holder Ashley Chapman and Her Husband/Coach Ren Chapman

Welcome to an all new episode of The Daily Adjustment and this week we have a really special treat: Ashley and Ren Chapman with special guest Cape Chapman - their one year old toddler. Ren and Ashley run Evolve Freediving in Wilmington NC where they teach ordinary people to hold their breath for a really [...]

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The Daily Adjustment 49 – Dr. King Rants About Unnecessary Gym Nakedness

On this week's episode of The Daily Adjustment Dr. King hits a boiling point on unnecessary nakedness in the gym. We also talk about how to sit correctly in a chair, how to be more optimistic, the coming cyborg revolution, and trendy casual dressing at church. Our beer of the week is Shiner Bock, a [...]

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The Daily Adjustment 48 – Why 13 Minutes Lifting Weights May Be Better Than Spending Forever at the Gym

After a week off due to Hurricane Florence, we're back with a brand new episode! This week we enjoy some Rogue Dead Guy Ale as our Beer of the Week. We recap our Hurricane adventures, ponder whether 13 minutes of weight lifting is all you need in the gym, and get to the ever-popular showerthoughts. [...]

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The Daily Adjustment 47 – Beer of the Week Clip Show (Part 1)

We normally record our podcasts on Thursdays. This past Thursday Hurricane Florence decided to make landfall and cause havoc throughout North Carolina. We took the opportunity earlier in the week to evacuate Wilmington to ride out the storm in a safer area. As such, we weren't able to keep our normal podcasting schedule. Being that's [...]

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The Daily Adjustment 46 – Do You Really Need to Walk 10,000 Steps a Day?

After taking a look in last week's podcast at what Fitbit has found based on over 150 billion hours of heart data that they've collected this week we ask the question: d\Do you really need to walk 10,000 steps in a day? We also discuss how to suffer when playing sports/athletics, how people release emotion [...]

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The Daily Adjustment 45 – What Fitbit’s 150 Billion Hours of Heart Data Reveals About our Health

If you have a Fitbit or are thinking of getting one, you won't want to miss this week's episode of The Daily Adjustment. Fitbit now has over 150 billion hours of heart data and they've uncovered some interesting data about general health, in particular related to a person's resting heart rate. Today we dig into [...]

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The Daily Adjustment 44 – To Fix That Pain In Your Back, You May Have To Change The Way You Sit

On this week's episode of The Daily Adjustment we discuss how to deal training when you have a bad week and stop making gains whether strength training or cycling. Does one switch things up? Take a week off? Change up the diet? We find out. We also talk about a better way to sit to [...]

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The Daily Adjustment 43 – Ido Portal is the Hottest Thing Going in Celebrity Fitness

This week on the podcast it's all about exercise! We talk about the effects on your body if you take a few days off and how doing so can impact you for weeks. Ben gets back into cycling, Dr. King is getting into freediving. We talk about the viral video that's been making the rounds [...]

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