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Causes of Shoulder Pain

Every sport has its common injuries, such as shoulder issues in swimmers and elbow problems in tennis players. Usually, shoulder pain is the result of overuse or over training. Muscle and tendon strain/sprains due to overuse are the most common injury we see in most people. Typically, overuse is caused by repetitive motions such as those experienced at work or while participating in regular throwing sports or other activities that involve overhead movements.

Chiropractic Treatment for Shoulder Pain

If an injury is acute (fresh injury) the first thing to do is control the inflammation. We do this in our office with gentle soft tissue work  to help move out excess fluid and decrease pain quickly. Ice is also a good idea following treatment to help control inflammation. Over-the-counter pain relievers may be another option in addition if pain is not easily controlled. Once pain and inflammation subside (usually 24-72 hours), work can begin to help correct the injury so that it heals properly. Our office uses the latest techniques including: Cross fiber massage or myofascial release techniques such as A.R.T. These techniques typically produce rapid results when combined with chiropractic care. Patients also receive at home exercises and stretches to help them form new habits

An exam can help the physician to determine if you are a candidate for natural chiropractic treatment

Avoid Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder pain is the pits, but surgery should really only be considered as a last resort for the following reasons:

  • Lengthy recovery
  • Extensive rehab (If you elect not to do this you will probably not regain the full use of your shoulder)
  • You have to sleep upright with your arm in a sling
  • Hygiene is an issue (anyone who has every broken a limb knows about this)
  • Surgery may not fix the problem
  • High chance for re-injury

Here’s the key: Even if you have had shoulder pain for years you should consider getting evaluated at our office. Don’t worry, if surgery is really your best option you can always get a referral. Call us today for an appointment at (910) 777-7228 or send us a message.

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